SmArticles: Great articles educators should know about for the week of 7/16/18

Updated: Jul 21, 2018

Each week the ImpowerED team looks at a few of the attention catching articles that were published by some of the leaders in education. You can read each article in its entirety here and listen to the podcast giving a short summary of the article on the Teach ImpowerED podcast. Click here for a link to the podcast. There links and summaries to each of the articles below.

To Up Students' Math Ability, Try Working on Their Teachers' Growth Mindset

by Sarah Schwartz in Education Week

The article stresses that instead of teaching math as a fixed, procedural content area, teachers should emphasize a problem-based inquiry method that will allow students to come up with different methods for solving a problem. This research based article shows that inquiry based math helped students achieve higher scores on the California Smarter Balanced Assessment, as well as, showing strong results for ELL, economically disadvantaged and female students.

Why This Student-Run YouTube Club is About More Than Making Videos

by Stephen Noonoo on EdSurge

Use this article as inspiration into creating a classroom YouTube site. The benefits include setting up real-world authentic activities that require collaboration and creativity. Students will gain marketable skills. I loved the flexibility of teacher Erick Hanson in the article. He was not afraid to let students learn from their own failings. Rather he saw these failures as opportunities and teachable moments. This is one of those inspirational articles where you read it and come away with ideas of how it would work in your own classroom.

Is It Burnout? Or Demoralization?

by Doris A. Santoro in Educational Leadership

Today, many teachers are leaving the profession after only a few years, but what about the teachers who have invested ten to twenty years in education only to find themselves looking for work outside of their career field? This article raises the bold proposition that these teachers may not be "burnouts" but actually demoralized by practices that are contradictory to what they know is good for children, reflects professional standards, and supports student learning. This is a must read for teachers, principals, and district office.

Edu-Speak Article of the Week

The Edu-Speak Article of the Week is an article that might have great things to say (or not) but the author has chosen to write the article in the language of edu-speak. We have translated the article into a useful summary and we have included a link to an Edu-Speak Generator so you can impress yourself with overly complex words for simple ideas. Edu-Speak Generator

The 7 Habits of Successful Academic Innovation Leaders

by Brian Fleming on Edsurge

Here is an example of a great article for leaders seeking to build their habits toward academic innovation, however, upon first reading, we might have entered the frustrating world of Edu-Speak.

Ever wondered what habits you should possess to be an academic innovation leader? Brian Fleming and his team came up with these seven.

Here they are:

1. Intrapreneurial Vision - Push the boundaries

2. Make it rain - seek opportunities in new places

3. Practice exaptive building and transdisciplinary thinking - okay, I think the edu-speak is a little thick here but they mean be good (great) at everything you do.

4. Seek opportunities for inclusive convening leveraging emotional intelligence - What the what? Oh.... surround and listen to people who have viewpoints that may differ from your own.

5. Be a systems thinker - be able to do what you say you can do.

6. Relentlessly pursue context - put theory into practice

7. Thrive in the gray - be flexible.

In all seriousness, this is a great way to approach the habits of successful innovation leaders. I agree with all of the points made in the article. Sometimes we need to tone down the jargon, because when we quote an article like this to the general public we come across as aloof and elitist, which in most cases couldn't be further from the truth. I am just giving you the opportunity for inclusive convening leveraging emotional intelligence here - I hope you will take it as constructive feedback.

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