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Updated: Jun 27, 2018

Uplifting Conversations About Today's Educational Landscape

Here at ImpowerEd, we made the conscious decision to create an experience that would support and empower teachers. We know that teachers are the most important factor in student learning and achievement. At ImpowerEd, we are teacher-centered, teacher focused, and teacher-led so that you can center your attention on the student. We are here for you.

We specialize in providing services that help teachers hone their skills. We serve as a conduit for uplifting educational conversations between professionals. Membership is free, so what are you waiting for? Get ImpowerED!

Our services center on mindfulness, positive thinking, building relationships, and supporting teachers. Here are a few of the benefits of becoming part of ImpowerED:

1) Professional Development you will feel great about.

2) Relevant and Topical Professional Development you can implement the moment you leave an ImpowerED workshop.

3) School or District Wide Professional Development or Job Embedded PD. Let us develop and help you lead PD that will give teachers the "why" for greater fidelity to the mission and vision.

4) Teacher-led Professional Development - if you have an idea for PD and would like to practice sharing your ideas with others. Let us know about it - we will pay you to present, while you keep the rights to your ideas.

5) Our annual conference - all of the best ideas in one place, right before school starts, just when you are refreshed and ready to return.

6) Discussion Board - a place for us to come together and share our concerns, ideas, and frustrations with the intention of understanding that others have shared your feelings and that there are solutions and support in every situation.

7) School Software - we are currently developing software to make the job of teaching easier. We are creating programs that will take the clerical work away from the teacher so he/she can concentrate on the student.

8) Blogs - read the ideas and positions from our staff on topical concerns in education.

9) Podcasts- Each week we focus on a topic and conversation with an area educator that will enlighten and invigorate the listener.

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